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Take the Fear Out of Medical Visits

Are your little ones afraid of medical visits? It's OK, we know they can be intimidating.

However, at Gig Harbor Primary Care we take pride in making our medical practice a safe and welcoming spot for all of our patients, ages 4 and up.

Here are 4 great tips to prepare your child for their next visit...

Open communication - tell them if their appointment is coming up and what they should expect.

Provide distractions - bring a toy or schedule a fun activity to go to afterward.

Reduce your own stress - your child can sense your own fear. Try to remain positive and give yourself plenty of time to get ready and arrive a few minutes early.

Offer choices - even if they seem minimal, your child will appreciate picking out their own band-aid or choosing which procedure to do first.

What does your child struggle with the most? We can chat before your appointment to address any of your concerns and plan accordingly.


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